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Speaking guidelines

I’m honored you would consider me to speak at your event. Thank you, truly. I believe God can use these events as real moments of change in people’s lives and I don’t take the opportunity lightly. I prepare a great deal for speaking engagements, and am happy to have you guide me and/or collaborate on what I talk about. I have my core content on habits and formation, but I enjoy applying them to parenting and family, work & vocation, men's ministry, Christian public engagement and more.


Here’s what you need to know about pricing and logistics:

In addition to travel expenses, which I keep to a minimum, my weekday and weekend speaking fees are as follows: 


  • Weekday: $5,000 (This includes one talk at an in-person event and assumes a one night stay. Any additional nights or talks requested would add $1,500.)


  • Weekend: $7,500 (This includes up to two talks, as long as I'm only away traveling one night. Any additional nights or talks requested would add $1,500.) 


Please note I do understand that for some nonprofits and churches these costs might be very high, but here is some background for you.


I’m a husband, a father, a friend, a full-time lawyer, a writer, a very normal guy though occasionally I’m a speaker. When I speak (which I do love) that travel and time away means missing out on my normal life here in Richmond. My wife and kids generally need me here, my law firm doesn’t run itself, and I miss my friends. In short - there’s a high cost to traveling around and speaking, and I’d much rather be a normal human being than a celebrity (seriously!), so I try to make sure it’s really worth it when I do. As a result, I try to travel only a few times each season. When I commit to an event, I will be fully present and give my all to pouring into your people.


I hope these existential ramblings help! If the above fees don’t fit your budget, I totally understand, and would love to point you to some of my (always!) free online resources that you can use. (I don’t really like virtual speaking engagements, and only occasionally say yes to that, so it depends on the situation but please let me know if you have ideas or requests.)



I fly coach and do not need fancy rooms or accommodations. I’m always thrilled to enjoy a fun dinner or outing with you and your team when I’m around, but if not I eat and drink simply and don’t mind being left alone to explore.


While I prefer to book flights (for scheduling logistics) I’m happy for your team to book a hotel if you prefer, but we can too. I do often travel with either my wife, son or an assistant, and would ask that all hotel rooms / flights / expenses be reimbursed for both myself and that one extra person who travels with me.


These expenses can be reimbursed after the event, and we can send you a W9 on request.


Time Length and Format:

My ideal format is to have at least thirty minutes to present; from there I am flexible. I am comfortable giving up to an hour long, in-depth keynote, and also using some time to facilitate conversation or Q&A as well. I'm open to workshop style events as well.



Live streaming the event to other locations is fine. Recording and sending out to your people in a private link is also fine, but unless specific permission is given otherwise, I ask for the program not to be recorded and/or disseminated. If you do record, I always love to have a copy, so please send it along and we can discuss public posting options afterwards if you wish. In part this is because I always hope to cultivate a vulnerable atmosphere of Q&A where privacy is honored.


Bio & Headshot:

Please see my current bio and some headshots to use in any marketing materials, that link is here.


Buying Books:

Books change lives. Still. It is hard to replace the reflection and discussion people have when they engage with reading a whole book, so it’s always wonderful to have the option for your people to get a book after hearing a talk. We can set up a table upon request, but normally we simply point people to bulk buying options (and you can sell or give them away). You can buy at great discounts here (for Habits of the Household), here (for The Common Rule), or here (for Made for People). Amazon is never a bad option if you’re buying 50 or less.


Contract & Forms:

I do not typically use a speaking contract, but am happy to sign one at your request.

Questions about Current Availability?

Check out this list of confirmed engagements to see where I'll already be, or if the date you're looking at is available. More engagements will be published once confirmed.


April 26-27, 2024: Carlton Landing, Oklahoma

May 1-2, 2024: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 9, 2024: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

May 10, 2024: Franklin, Tennessee

Summer 2024: Not accepting speaking engagements. 

September 3, 2024: St. Louis, Missouri

September 19-20, 2024: Franklin, Tennessee

September 26-27, 2024: Little Rock, Arkansas

November 11-13: Greensboro, Georgia


Let's Get Started

Thanks for reaching out - be in touch soon.

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